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CXXGZ Woodland cotton polyester military uniform army combat uniform MUXX-20

Model: MUXX-20
MOQ: 3000 sets
Payment: T/T, L/C
Delivery time: 45 days
Start port: Guangzhou
Certification: SGS testing report

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Army uniform so called camouflage uniform or military uniform is customized for the solider in desert battlefield for local tasks with camouflage protection and lots of function for soldier’s daily usage and training.

With the development of conflicts all over the world. soldiers’s tasks become more and more complex lead to dangerous. In this case, a perfect camouflage which could cover our soldiers are very important.

We designed army uniform from grey fabric to finished our camouflage army uniform.
Fabric: TC 65%cotton and 35%polyester,210GSM is the best composition and thickness for comfort and wear resistant,Especially for the dry climate of Middle-east. Because the climate is dry all the time but cold at night and extreme hot at day.

Reactive dyes is the best choice for dyeing and printing so that the color fastness of lighting, washing and rubbing could reach level 4 so that it’s perfect for making army uniform which will use in the area of desert.

Three colors match the shadow and color in desert provide prefect camouflage whenever it’s morning, noon, dawn, or night.

Soldier with our camouflage three desert military uniform will get higher protection and better training when they are on duty.

Supported Military Uniform Type, Color And LOGO