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Wendy hanging Suspension Style Aramid / PE materials 3A level Khaki color Bullet proof Helmet BH010

Model: BHXX003
MOQ: 50 Pieces
Payment: T/T, L/C
Delivery time: 30 days
Start port: Guangzhou
Certification: NIJ testing report

The Modular Integrated Communications Helmet(Wendy) is a U.S. combat helmet and one of several used by the U.S. military.

With fabric cover, net cover

This ballistic helmet has been tested and proven to achieve a rating of Level IIIA by the USA National Institute of Justice (NIJ 0101.06) by defeating .357 SIG full metal jacket flat nose rounds (FMJ FN) and .44 Magnum semi jacketed hollow point (SJHP) rounds at velocity of up to 1450 ft/s.