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Environmental Military Army Tactical Police Court Disposable Plastic Handcuff HCXX03

Model: HCXX03
MOQ: 5000 pieces
Payment: T/T
Delivery time: 25 days
Start port: Guangzhou
Certification: SGS testing report

Material: Nylon66
Size: 1.9*60mm/2.5*80mm/2.5*100mm/4.8*550mm(More size to choose)
Color: White
Fire rating: 94V-2
Tensile Strength: 1500N

1. Feature: The handcuffs are made of environmentally friendly materials without pollution. Handcuff ties and locks are very smooth and will not cause unnecessary injuries to personnel. The back end of the plastic handcuff has a non-slip design to control the prisoner to avoid escape.

2. Multifunction: For police and military emergencies, it is lighter than metal handcuffs and easy to carry. Can also be used for multiple functions such as binding machines, wires.

3. Safety: It has passed safety tests, meets hygienic standards, and is safe to use