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Police and army use High quality protective suit and Anti-Riot suit 003

Model: ARS-03
MOQ: 50 sets
Payment: T/T, L/C
Delivery time: 45 days
Start port: Guangzhou
Certification: SGS testing report

Material: ABS plastic
Hit test: Can stand a hit with the power of 360J
Stabbing test: Can be stabbed with a sharp knife weighing 2.5kg, from height 1.10m
Fire test: Stand fire for 30 seconds.
Acids test: 40% of concentrated H2SO4 acid can have no effect on the suit and its connection.
Heat test: Can be put in an oven of 55″ for 6 hours with no effect
Colour: Black/Customized

The anti-riot body armour is specially designed according to human engineering for a riot control purpose, more than 85% of the body can be protected.

The suit is combined with differently shaped pattern bricks. There are no difficulties for all kind of actions including bending / running/jumping/turning / kneeling down etc., flexible movements even with weapon/shield carrying on. It can resist strong impact such as knife cut, stab, stone and baton hit and even chemical acid etc.