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Level III IV Swat bullet proof Military police protection ballistic shield bulletproof shield BSXX01

Model: MBPXX01
MOQ: 100 pcs
Payment: T/T, L/C
Delivery time: 30 days
Start port: Guangzhou
Certification: SGS testing report

The Bulletproof Shield is the perfect product when you need protection beyond your vest. Bulletproof shields are useful when the threat of being shot is highest or when you need to protect more than just yourself. Officers can use a ballistic shield to knock on bad guys’ doors or to shield bystanders from a dangerous situation. Individuals can use a bulletproof shield to protect themselves and others in panic situations.

The Bulletproof Shield is available in a right-handed configuration. It is possible to use the shield if you are left-handed by flipping it over, but it will be slightly less balanced in this configuration. One way that we keep our price low is by only offering the shield in one configuration. We do not dislike left-handed people, we merely seek the lowest possible cost.

By offering ballistic protection to more people, We are saving the lives of security guards, police officers, and anyone else who needs to be safe from bullets.

Sizes: 1000*600*7mm, can be customized.
Standard: NIJ 0108.01 IIIA again 9*19mm Parabellum FMJ
Basic material: made from PE/ Aramid fabric
Handles: Straight bar handle with forearm strap and pad

Interior: Body-facing pouch attachment surface (hook & loop)

Optional: LED light (on/off/pressure), ID decal, Carry bag, Pouch attachment grids