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Gen2+/ Gen3 Military Army Police Night Vision Binoculars Night Scout Night of RM-99A

Model: RM-99A
MOQ: 100 sets
Payment: T/T, L/C
Delivery time: 30 days
Start port: Guangzhou



1.Operating Temperature Range °С -40 to 55
2.Relative Humidity at 25°С 98%
3.Shock resistance 5g
4.eather/water resistance
5.Package: each one in one plastic bag, each one in one carton box


This Binocular comes with a high-resolution super gen2+. Intensifier Tube, which gives you a light amplification of 30,000–35,000 max. The computerized proximity sensor, when activated, turns the unit on when in viewing position and off when not this case it s easy to use conveniently, and save much sources. The heavy-coated 90 mm glass lenses allow for optimum clarity and distance. The best part is that if there is no light to amplify, with the help of the Infrared Illuminator, you can cut through the darkness. So if not being able to see at night made your life dark, let the Night Scout bring some light into your life.